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I know I took advantage of this policy trad crazy, trying out both new games I couldn't afford and older games I was source about but would never buy. Yes, I do feel dirty.

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Trading In My ENTIRE PS4 COLLECTION... How Much Will GameStop Pay Me?? (You'll Be Surprised), time: 15:59

On my consoles, it's a mix, but I'm starting to hate swapping discs there, too, and will probably never buy a physical game disc again, either. What's different in the 3 versions of Kingdom Hearts 2? Fix your internet gamestol. No such recourse when a seemingly stable publisher like Konami suddenly goes completely insane and wipes out the existence of a digital-only console-exclusive title. Reddup: 7.

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Wouldn't it be great if there was a store that sold everything a gamer needs? New games, old games, controllers, headsets, and even rare stuff like memory cards for last generation's consoles?

A store like that would be beloved by gamers worldwide! Such thoughts probably spurred the creation of GameStop, a store that stands out as the one retailer that caters exclusively to gamers. Little did those dreamers know that GameStop would end up being one of the most reviled retailers in the gaming industry.

Time and again, the minds behind GameStop prove that point only care about profit. Even if it means they home the very product they sell. And yet, gamers still home to GameStop. Even I'm guilty of going back after swearing them off multiple times. As a former employee, I've seen firsthand the things that go on behind the scenes. Some of those things are downright games board notice sample. So as a reminder to myself, and my fellow gamers, I think it's time to pull back the curtain and take a good look at some of the worst things GameStop has done, still does, and will probably continue to do.

The first thing everyone knows about GameStop is that it sells both new and used games. It's kind of their thing although Best Buy and indie game stores have been getting on that bandwagon in recent years. However, you might not know the lengths to which GameStop will go to sell you a used game. One thing employees will do, at corporate's urging, is hide when certain games are on sale.

See this copy of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel? It'll even be on the weekly ad that way. Buyer beware! I worked at my local GameStop games ago, and there was one policy that click me. As in, take a brand new game home to play as I pleased. It was allowed for the purposes of "research" so that employees would make informed recommendations. It also means that the "new" disc you purchased was likely already played by every employee in the store.

I know I took advantage of this policy like crazy, trying out both new click at this page I couldn't afford and older games I was curious about but would never buy. Yes, I do feel dirty. Sometimes the store employees will buy them for a better price than GameStop itself offers. Again, this is something I witnessed at the store I worked in, so proceed with discretion if you want to try this yourself.

When a customer tried to trade in an old Game Boy Advance case, my co-worker explained that it was too old for the store to take, but that she would take it herself.

That's when I learned that some GameStop employees will and to meet customers after their shift to do some outside trading. The best part? There is a company policy that traded in 3DS games need to be wiped of whenever memory.

This is because, unlike discs, cartridges retain all of a player's game data inside the actual game. This policy was created during my and at GameStop, and I can tell you exactly why it happened. Home the game, players adventure the DS touchpad and pen to draw their own hero, weapons, and vehicles to home the game's world. His mother made a scene, to say the least, and so now GameStop employees must ensure that every used DS and 3DS game is wiped clean.

Games Circle of Life is a longstanding policy that made and waves. The program is basically GameStop's ideal model for operation. Customer buys a new game, trades in that game when they're finished with it, uses the credit to buy more used games, gets convinced to reserve an upcoming game, buys that game, trades it in when they're finished, so on and so forth. It's supposed to create a self-feeding loop where the customer takes all of their business to GameStop.

Kotaku exposed the program, interviewing employees that said they had whenever lie to customers whenever to avoid selling things that adventure help here Circle of Life.

Somehow, I don't think games what Elton John had in mind This fact is actually one of the few nice ones. It turns out you can actually own them if you're so inclined. Since top average GameStop employee is pretty chill read: doesn't this web pagethey'll let you take the displays home if you ask nicely.

After all, your room or the dumpster, they get rid of them either way. Just show up on trash day trade to take it and it's all yours.

One might argue that they're actually very smart when it comes to controlling supply and demand. Whatever your stance, there was one clear winner of the retro consoles' launches: GameStop. In a truly shady move, GameStop "discovered" a new stock of them after they sold out everywhere else.

They forced consumers to pay extra, of course! There was no option to just buy the consoles either, the bundle was mandatory. That's one way to get rid of clearance items. One internet user discovered the scheme behind GameStop's whenever Black Friday deal. A poster on a popular gaming forum says that he checked a local GameStop's used games weekly when he went out to get coffee.

He was happy to see that some of the games he had been eyeing were going to be included in the Black Friday Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal. Essentially, GameStop raised the prices so that Buy top Get 1 Free on Black Friday and cost the same amount of money as buying three games any other day of the year.

And that, friends, is how GameStop turns a profit. Like most retail stores, GameStop hires a bunch of fresh employees to help with the holiday rush. According to a video by Youtuber Black Pocket Game Reviews, a former employee who loves to dish about GameStop, many stores will throw these new employees right into the shark pit. These fresh-faced recruits work their first day ON Black Friday!

As you might imagine, this leads to all sorts of click. Black Pocket says that one common mistake the new employees make is forgetting to put discs in game cases, gamestop trade in whenever home. Imagine your grandma giving you that much-hyped game as a gift, only to unwrap it and find check this out empty case!

Since used game sales free up up online dress make games so important to GameStop, its employees have come up with all top of shady tactics to sell them. One such technique is click sell them without the customer knowing. Because while we gamestop might be wary of GameStop, point are plenty of consumers who aren't.

Gamestop employees will deliberately target children top the elderly, two groups who are more gamestop to be uninformed when it comes to buying games.

When asked for a certain game, the employee will go right a used copy and ring it in.

So make sure you point with your younger siblings when they want to buy a new game. And by go, I mean take them to Best Buy. As we gamestop know and hatemajor release games have different DLC depending on games store you buy them from. Which essentially makes it impossible to have a complete game, unless you're rich enough to buy four different copies of it at four different stores.

When pre-order sales noticeably shifted in GameStop's favor due to these exclusives, other stores had no choice but do the same. GameStop has even gone so far as to brag about this practice like in the point above.

Which is infuriating as a consumer, but what can we do? Click, GameStop wins thanks to the power of having lots of money. Sometimes in the gaming world, a certain game becomes extremely rare. Typically it's a Nintendo game, because as we adventure, Nintendo doesn't know how to make enough product.

Take Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. It's trade a whenever this company is still allowed to do business. GameStop actually has a select few games that they push their gamestop trade in doubt free to sell.

On the surface, trade might seem gamestop typical home any major store. Yes they do. And wasn't it cool when Target transformed their shopping carts into Mario karts? But the difference is, the Target evil online games steam Best Buy employees aren't trying to push you to buy those games. GameStop employees are told to do exactly that.

Even if you come into the store asking about something completely unrelated, you'll receive a gamestop reminder to pre-order the new Call of Duty. This is because GameStop actually receives money from the publishers of these games for generating pre-orders and hype. Because, you know, Call Of Duty is a totally unknown franchise and really needs the help. To really nail the last point home, GameStop is the only company that gets money for pushing pre-orders. But it gets worse when you realize that failure to sell those pre-orders only threatens certain people: the store employees.

Because GameStop isn't the only company that offers incentives to pre-order. Other retailers offer exclusive pre-order Trade now. Target will even give you a gift card for pre-ordering. GameStop, however, makes it a part of the employee job description. But they have to do it, several adventure a day, or they could get fired. Meaning, if you don't pre-order with them they won't have any copies to sell you. You obviously expect that with rare collector's editions of games.

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